Sable fur coat with kimono sleeves


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Sable fur coat in natural color with horizontal ribbons, separated from each other by parts made of nappa leather. The sleeves are 3/4 and wide in the kimono. At the base of the band collar is a brass-colored decorative button with glitter the clasp consists of hooks. Is it possible to put on a belt that back remains under the coat, while the front can be placed in front of the fur through two openings at the waist. The front pockets are placed horizontally. The very special lining is colored brown, but covered from a veil with white, beige and taupe-colored embroidery. There are drawings on this veil.

Nature: flowers and swallows.
Processing: horizontal strips.
Neck: bandeau.
Closure: hook, button and belt.
Sleeve: 3/4 in the kimono.
Lining: 100% brown silk and veil.
Model: List new

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