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The Isabella C online shop bring all the beauty of our items straight to your screen. Discover the best furs, mink, pilot hats, coats and other fur accessories from the comfort of your PC, smartphone or tablet.

The purchase in then easy and immediately possible. In our shop you can see everything we have and the relative price. If you want, you can also filter your search so that you can find the articles series that interests you immediately. Once you’ve selected what you want to take, you can easily add it to your cart. Once your purchases are complete, you can proceed with the payment straight away. Fashion just a click away: easy, isn’t it?

Payment Methods

Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie’s online shop, always in line with today’s technologies, accepts:

  • Bank transfer in advance
  • Paypal: Payment by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal account

Bank transfer in advance

In the case of payment in advance, the goods ordered by the customer will be forwarded to the e-mail address no later than 3 working days from the date of order acceptance until receipt of the proof of payment. The ordered goods are only dispatched after Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie has actually received the amount, which must take place within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. After this period, the order is considered to be automatically canceled.

The data for the transfer will be communicated to you when you confirm the order.

PayPal: Payment by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal account

PayPal, a security solution in the field of online payments, with over 200 million companies supported in more than 190 countries, in connected to the most important electronic cash circuits and guarantees you an immediate, secure and reliable payment.

If you use PayPal as your payment method and click “Continue to PayPal”, you will be redirected to the secure PayPal server where:

  • You can make the payment through your PayPal account in absolute peace, if you have one
  • You can pay directly with your credit card

In any case, without the slightest risk that someone will access your data.

At the same time as the online transaction is completed, PayPal will immediately invoice the amount for the purchase made.

During the purchase process, Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie cannot at any time receive information about the buyer’s credit card or other methods selected in the PayPal site that manages the transaction. This data is not stored in any Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie computer archive. Under no circumstance can Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie be held responsible for fraudulent and unauthorized use of credit cards by third parties when you pay for products purchased on the website

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay directly with your credit or prepaid card. Always use the PayPal payment  method and then click on “No PayPal account?”. Cards from the following circles are accepted:

Shipping costs and shipping methods

Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie undertakes to courier deliver the products ordered by the customer to the address that the customer provided when registering the order data. Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie cannot be held responsible for delays in processing the order or in delivering the goods ordered.

The shipping costs are borne by the customer as stated in the order. In the event that the forwarder is commissioned directly by the customer for any reason, Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie is not liable for the loss and / or damage and / or damage to the goods from the time of delivery to the forwarder in our warehouses.

Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie guarantees maximum care and professionalism in the packaging of the products and guarantees the minimum risk of being able to receive the damaged goods.

The following table shows the shipping costs that are incurred for orders under 1500.00 € (without additional costs). Shipping orders are not taken into account for orders from an order value of 1500.00 € (without additional costs).

Accessories + Hat Bags + skin Padded Fur
Italy 10,00 € (iva inl) 0,00 € (iva inl) 0,00 € (iva inl) 0,00 € (iva inl)
Europe 15,00 € (iva inl) 20,00 € (iva inl) 20,00 € (iva inl) 20,00 € (iva inl)
Extra EU 30,00 € (iva inl) 50,00 € (iva inl) 50,00 € (iva inl) 70,00 € (iva inl)

Customer service

In any case, you can do so at the following addresses and during normal business hours if you are unsure of what operations to perform or if you need to contact us before or after your purchase:

  • Telephone: (+39) 041 243 6287
  • Email:
  • Address: Creazioni Nino Pelliccerie – Via Daniele Manin, 57 – Mestre (VE)
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